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Sentry Safety Classic Guard Pool Fence - 4' x 12' Black

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Child safety is a priority.
With properly installed pool fencing, you can take control of a potential hazard on your property. As a very real threat, an unprotected pool can quickly become a drowning risk to toddlers, children and even pets.

To meet your family's safety concerns, is offering Sentry's Classic Guard pool fence product line. It comes in portable sections with poles pre-attached along with all the materials needed to easily construct your fence. The sections are either 12 feet long (for the 4' tall) or 10 feet long (for the 5' tall).

Classic Guard is a go-to pool safety product. Aluminum is the premium material choice for outdoor products because it won't rust or corrode. The mesh is attached to the poles by a backing strip of aluminum held on by stainless steel screws. The backing is removable for easy modification of fence sizes.

Classic Guard Traditional Design
The Classic Guard fence by Sentry Safety Pool Fence is the original style for many existing in ground pool fences. In fact, our poles are reinforced with the traditional tri-sectional design used for decades to protect pools across America. Classic Guard is most often the replacement choice for existing holes in pool decks.

If your deck has holes for pool fencing already, it's a good chance Classic Guard will fit!
Our dimensions are 36" from center hole to center hole. Standard deck holes are sized 1.25 inches (bare) and 1 inch (with sleeve). Classic Guard will fit these standard measurements.

Maybe you recently purchased a home that already had holes or just want a higher 5' fence no matter your reason we've got the fence for you!

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Ordering from is simple.

  • Select your preferred fence height 4' or 5'
  • Enter the amount of sections you'll need

Why Black Pool Fencing?
Classic Guard is available in four and five-foot heights and comes exclusively in all black mesh, pole, and lining. Black is the most transparent of the meshes. When light hits black mesh, no colors are reflected and therefore objects behind the mesh are visible. This helps show off picturesque backyards and patios.

How Many Sections Do I Need?
The best way to plan your ordering quantities is by measuring out your desired fence area. Keep in mind the fence should be placed at least 2 feet from the edge of the pool for safety purposes. These 2 feet allow room for anyone swimming in the pool to be able to exit the pool on all sides without them hitting the fence. It also allows room for pool cleaning from all sides without removal of the fence.

To measure the area either use a rolling counter or take a hose, stand of yarn, rope (or anything similar that is long and flexible) and lay it out in the shape you wish your child safety pool fence to form. Take into account all the turns and curves the fence will make when using the flexibility of the measuring hose/rope. Then mark a beginning and end point on the rope for the fence, if the fence makes a full circle the beginning and end will be next to one another. Note: Gates will take up approximately 3 feet, the spacing between poles is 2" (3" in center, 2" actual gap). Lastly pull your rope straight and take the measure of what the full distance your child safety pool fence will be.

When planning to order add up to the nearest section. Enter the needed amount of sections above in the quantity area of the shopping cart, add any extras you may want. The fencing kit itself is complete with all the poles, sleeves, caps, and hook and eyes for basic installation, but you may desire extras (see important ordering considerations)

Why order from is here to meet your pool fence needs; whether you are replacing a current pool fence, installing professionally or just looking for a safety pool fence solution we've got what you need! Our quality Classic Guard product line is easily ordered by the section. Also, is supported by a fantastic team of technical support representatives that are available from 9 AM - 9 PM, 7 days/week! Don't forget to compare our pricing since we are the best value in child safety fence around. Here are more reasons to order from

  • Often most compatible with pre-drilled pool fence holes in residential decks
  • Super low price because of the container quantities we purchase enabling us to pass the savings on to you!
  • Unbeatable support with a weekend tech line 1-877-349-3362
  • An online installation manual you can view 24 hours a day.
  • Fast delivery. Most orders ship out in 1-2 business days!

View customer photos of Classic Guard installations and learn more on how to earn a 5% rebate on your pool fence purchase.

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Sentry's Classic Guard pool fence sections come with following materials:

  • Rust resistant poles pre-assembled with the child safety fence mesh
  • Easy grip pole caps for protection and ease of removal
  • Each section has ground sleeves, sleeve caps, 1 hook & eye
  • Template creation instructions
  • Easy entering and exiting Click here to learn more
  • Installs with a core drill - perfect for contractors!
  • Limited Three Year Warranty

Product Images:
Hooks & Eyes
Hooks & Eyes
Sleeve Cap
Pole Caps
Pole Cap

What Tools Will I Need?
The main tool that is needed is a core drill and a 1 and 1/4 inch diamond tipped drill bit. This will be used for drilling the holes for the fence in the deck. Other tools needed would be a screwdriver for removing poles, a box cutter for modifying fence. Aluminum angle for making a hole template (in the instructions it suggests building a hole template the is the fastest way to mark out all your holes on the deck. Measuring repeatedly with a tape measure could result in mis-measurements), chalk or marker for marking holes, standard drill and 1/4 inch bit for attaching to a lanai.

What are the materials?
The Classic Guard child safety fence poles are rust-proof aluminum with a durable baked-on TGIC powder coat finish. Each child safety Classic Guard pool fence pole comes topped with a rubber cap. Not only is the rubber pole cap durable to protects the finish of your pole when the fence is laid down, but it also gives you an easy gripping point to squeeze the poles together and release the tension so you can unhook your hook and eyes.

The Classic Guard pool fencing is has no finger or toe holes in the mesh for climbing and is also UV resistant to withstand the beating sun. The top and bottom come with double-side protection using multi-stitching of the fencing material. This works to prevent any possible threading of the fence at its edges.

   Important Ordering Considerations Top of Page

a) You'll order fence by the section. The sections are either 12 feet long (for the 4' tall) or 10 feet long (for the 5' tall). Upon receiving, they can easily be shortened to fit the size of your pool area.

b) Any section of fence can be easily and quickly altered to fit your pool or intended area to block off using a hex head screwdriver. You can add poles to make more changes in direction (you can change fence direction at every pole) or move poles to shorten sections with a simple 1, 2, 3 process:

  • Remove the backing of the pole that is sandwiching the mesh to the pole.
  • Move the pole over to where it is needed.
  • Re-sandwich the mesh between the pole and the backing and screw in the stainless steel screws.

c) A pole comes pre-attached to every three feet of fence purchased for the 4 foot high or every two and a half feet of the 5-foot high fencing. If your fence doesn't make a full circle (connecting both ends to each other) you'll need to finish your fence with an extra pole on each end and either a fastener or extra hook & eye.

d) If you are planning to go up stairs you will need two poles per every step, plastic ground sleeves for the poles and spring-loaded hook & eyes to connect the poles. Example: If you have your base level, one step, and the upper level you will need a pole at the edge of the upper level, 2 poles for the one step and a pole at the beginning of the base level. Then you will need two spring-loaded hook & eyes; one to connect the pole at the top level with the first step pole and the other to connect the pole at the end of the step with the base level pole. You will also need plastic sleeves to go with each extra pole.

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We have large amounts of Classic Guard pool fence stock available and in most cases, we'll ship within two business day after you order! Shipping times could take between 1 to 7 business days depending on the proximity of our warehouse location in Odessa, Florida. The fence can ship Fed Ex or UPS and in some cases, with large quantities, it will go out via a freight service. Residential or commercial delivery is acceptable. Even with this quick shipping process, our suggestion is to plan ahead as far in advance as possible to ensure stock and delivery.

As with all projects; wait for your pool fence to arrive prior to hiring helpers or renting tools. We don't anticipate problems, however, when involving shipping companies and other factors unforeseen delays may occur. is here to help you with your purchase, from ordering to installation. We'd be happy to help you select your pool fence or answer any questions you may have; learn more about the variety of ways you can contact us.

Manual: sentry safety classic guard manual
QB ID: ZS001-Fence

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